My Approach


Food is medicine.

Food can be poison and food can be medicine.  The part that is difficult to know is what is serving you and what is wreaking havoc in your body’s balance.  This is completely different for everyone and can ebb and flow depending on the season of life you are in.  

With some background information from you and a discovery visit, your health journey can be mapped out.  It will take time to get to the root cause that brought you where you are, but it is possible.  It took your whole life of food, lifestyle, and environment to get you where you are now.  

Digestion is a compass of many facets of how your body is nourished.  You can learn your bio-individual needs, strengths, and areas that may need support to help you with energy, better focus, sleep, bloating, nutrient absorption, hormones and many others.  Once you learn what your body needs, you can make choices that you will soon know you need to feel your very best.  

Start earnestly living!

Earnestly Eat

Find your array of meals, foods, timing of when you eat, how to stay full longer to set you up for success.


Earnestly Think

What you think and worry about, spend your time watching, listening to, self talk, all will impact your well being.  Just a few minutes each day intentionally practicing positive, grateful, prayerful time can go a long way.

Earnestly Move

Daily movement is imperative to your clarity, hormone health, confidence and other positive changes in the way you feel.  Just 30 minutes a day doing what you love, can go a long way.  


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