My Health Journey and How We Can Work on Yours!

My health journey was always a weight loss journey.  Yoyo diets and never stopped to pay attention to how I felt.  This changed when I was diagnosed with Stage III, followed by relapse and Stage IV Colon Cancer diagnosis.  I became interested in more than my “ideal weight” and started digging to see what root causes may have led me there.  Many years later when I found the NTP program, it checked all the boxes of the knowledge I wanted to gain.  I am so excited to share this with others that want to live their life feeling the best they can.

Looking back, my root cause was digestion and blood sugar regulation.  I looked healthy on the outside, but had moments of feeling weak, depleted, shaky and never knew why.  I just thought I needed a snack to pep me up.  During the course I learned how the gut and brain are interconnected.  Our digestion starts in the brain.  These days not many of us are in a parasympathetic state that is needed to digest our food.  So what to do?

Help for you:

The foundational support with digestion goes hand in hand with blood sugar regulation, hydration, sleep, skin health, extra weight around the mid-section, bloating, and the list goes on.  What if you had the tools to find out where your foundational gaps are and how to nourish yourself?

This is my passion to help others learn about their bio-individual needs to support and navigate a health journey beyond what they knew was possible. Scroll down for more information…

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How We Work Together

Please read overview below and if you are interested, please contact me at:


Starting the Journey with your own Health Coach

After intake paperwork, we will meet for 60-90 minutes to determine where you are, root causes, future goals and the best way to navigate your health journey.

Recommendation Visit

Data from the first visit will be reviewed, annotated, researched to build a bio-individual plan of action steps to start you on your journey.

Along the Way

After the recommendation visit, we will meet every two weeks, free text app support between visits, and help with meal planning and incorporating some movement into your daily routine.